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Here at Cubana we take animal welfare very seriously. We try and make sure that sustainability is more than an empty advertising slogan. Have a read through our policies on ethical farming and sustainability at Cubana restaurant and cocktail bars – we also have plenty of delicious vegan dishes!


One of our top concerns – we only serve free-range chicken, pork and eggs. Our organic, free-range chorizo comes from one family farm in Avila, Spain and our other Spanish cured meats are all free-range. We of course also have a wide range of fresh vegetarian and vegan dishes. If you want more info on specific products, please read on – and feel free to email us at


Chicken is by far the most common meat served in UK restaurants – and unfortunately, very few adhere to decent welfare standards. Many restaurant groups talk of serving ‘higher welfare’ chicken – what they mean is factory-farmed chickens raised in marginally better than the most basic standards, rather than proper free-range chicken which costs around twice as much. At Cubana, our chicken is 100% free-range and comes from Springfield Farm in Gloucestershire – these slower-maturing birds taste better and have a much better life than factory-farmed chickens


We only use UK-produced free-range pork which we buy direct from Paddock Farm, a family farm run by two brothers in Warwickshire – visit their shop in Brailes, Warwicks if you are in the area, their free-range meat and pies are the best!


Our free-range eggs come from Barradale Eggs, which delivers direct from the farm to Cubana


Our chorizo is organic, produced from free-range pigs farmed on organic land by the Martin brothers in Avila, Spain – their herd roam the lowlands of the Sierra de Gredos mountains and are fed on a wild diet, balanced with organic maize, oats, soya and chestnuts


We serve a variety of tasty, slow-cooked vegan and vegetarian dishes, including Cuban classics such as Quimbombo (okra casserole), Feijoada (a two-bean casserole), Falafel Cubana and plenty of yummy salads


We are currently not serving wild or farmed seafood except for BAP-certified prawns


All of our meat comes from UK farms (except for chorizo). However, local sourcing is not an option for tropical fruits, although we buy British strawberries in season. Food miles are also a complex issue – food usually takes less energy to grow in the tropics; and trade with less developed countries is crucial to their development. Fair Trade in controversial as it can penalise independent farmers and too much of the additional cost goes to middlemen


All of our takeaway coffee cups, lids, stirrers, food boxes, cups and cutlery are compostable. Our  takeaway cutlery are made from plant starch. Bring your own container for Street Food and you’ll save £1 on your bill!

Please note that because of concerns about supposedly biodegradeable bio-straws, including ones made from bamboo pulp which take a long time to break-down, we now only use paper straws and our policy is only to provide them when asked


All of our fruits and vegetables are fresh – these include papaya, mango, guava, pineapple, limes, oranges, pink grapefruits, passion fruits and bananas. We also use only fresh herbs such as cilantro, flat-leafed parsley, mint and oregano. The only juice which we buy in is cranberry and all of our vegetables and salads are fresh – except that we sometimes use canned tomatoes, in addition to fresh ones, in salsas and sauces as canned tomatoes often offer better



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