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Cuban Street Food

Looking for cool places for lunch? Treat yourself to some delicious Street Food at Cubana – served weekdays from 11.30am-2.30pm

Cubana is one of the best places to eat – all of our tasty, fresh Street Food dishes are prepared using free-range produce

Our lunchtime Street Food includes classic, slow-cooked Cuban dishes like slow-roasted Cuban Pork, Pollo Criollo (a yummy slow-cooked free-range chicken dish),  Ropa Vieja (shredded beef)  – and our Hot Cuban Sandwich

Plenty of vegan food options too – including Cuban Black Beans and Feijoada

Cubana’s Street Food offers a tasty, healthy, reasonably-priced lunchtime option

We also use zero-plastics in our food boxes, disposable cutlery and cups – everything is compostable – bring your own container and we’ll take £1 off your bill!

Served weekdays from 12:00-2.30pm at Cubana Waterloo