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Fresh Frozen Strawberry and Passion Fruit Daiquiri

Difficulty: moderate

Total Time: < 5min

Makes: 4

Make lush, fresh strawberry and passion fruit daiquiris in a few minutes – a special treat for your friends (and you!)

Daiquiries are classic Cuban cocktails, along with Mojitos. No-one is quite sure where the name comes from (there are plenty of theories – being Cuba!), but a daiquiri can be made from any fruits or juices mixed or blended with rum and ice

The original daiquiries were probably just rum, fresh lime juice and ice mixed with a little sugar, but when electric blenders came to Havana in the early twentieth century, they got creative and began making frozen daiquiries using the delicious tropical fruits available in the island. There are also shaken daiquiries where fruits are crushed and shaken with ice and rum, then strained into martini glasses

You can use any fruits to make daiquiries, but tropical fruits are best – just substitute fresh mango, banana or guava if you prefer



6 passion fruits

20 strawberries

150ml of white or gold Cuban rum

75ml triple-sec orange liqueur

2 flat tablespoons raw organic sugar

Juice of one lime - around 25ml



  1. You'll need a decent kitchen/smoothie blender for this one as it involves crushing ice to make a frozen cocktail
  2. Put all of the ingredients except for the ice into the blender - then add the ice so the proportions in the blender are just under half ice and just over half the rest of the ingredients
  3. Blend until all of the ice is mushed with the fruit, juice and rum into a thick, sorbet-like drink
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