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The Hot Cuban Sandwich - the Cubano

Difficulty: moderate

Total Time: < 5min

Makes: 1

The Hot Cuban Sanwhich or ‘Cubano’ is another much-loved, Cuban classic comfort food – and not too difficult to make once you have assembled the ingredients. Cuban bread is like a softer version of a small but wide French baguette and it can be difficult¬†to find. At Cubana, we bake our own every day. If you can’t find real Cuban bread, look for a large, semi-soft roll which will work best. The other item you will ideally need is a hot sandwich press – the Cubans use one with flat irons, rather than the Italian-style ribbed ones used for paninis. But you can also press and cook the sandwich in a frying pan using a metal spatula to make a delicious treat!


1 Cuban bread roll or semi-soft bread roll

100gm free-range sliced ham

100gm sliced Swiss cheese

3 slices of pickled cucucmber - sliced lengthways (optional)

100gm shredded Cuban-stye slow-roasted pork

50gm melted butter

American mustard


  1. Cut the bread in half through the middle
  2. Brush melted butter on the inside of both pieces of bread
  3. Spread a little mustard on the inside of one piece of the bread
  4. Build the sandwich in this order: half the cheese, shredded pork, pickle slices (optional), ham and then the rest of the cheese
  5. Place the second piece of bread onto the sandwich, lightly brush the outsides with more melted butter, place the sandwich into a medium-hot sandwich press, close the press and cook for around 3-5 minutes, applying pressure
  6. When the sandwich is ready it will be golden-brown and crispy on the oustide with the cheese melting on the inside - make sure you do not burn the oustide
  7. If you don't have a sandwich press, place some butter in a medium-hot pan, place the sandwich in the pan and press down with a metal spatula before turning to cook the other side with a little more butter
  8. Slice the sandwich diagonally with a sharp knife and wrap in foil to keep it warm if not eating immediately
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