Cubana understands that business activities can have an impact on the environment and we are committed to seeking to reduce this – whilst providing a true Cuban experience to our customers!

ENERGY – minimising consumption by identifying opportunites to reduce energy use by using LED lights and natural gas over electricity where possible

WASTE – minimising wastes by seeking opportunites to reduce, reuse, recycle and ultimately recover waste produced through its business

WATER – reducing consumption of supplied water in kitchen, bar and restaurant activities by implementing efficient technologies where practical

PROCUREMENT – working with our supply chain  and considering packaging and transport issues where practical, whilst ensuring quality requirements are met

STREET FOOD – all of our food containers, takeaway cups, wooden and starch cutlery are compostable


RECYCLING – we recycle as much as possible. This is transported to the Lea Riverside MRF in Bromley where it is mechanically sorted into 14 different material streams. The material is sent to specialist facilities where it is turned into high grade recyclate for manufacturing into new products.  

STEEL AND ALUMINIUM CANS – recycled back into ingots.

GLASS  is sent for processing as aggregates and some goes into new green glass bottles – after accounting for the transport and processing, 315kg of Co2 is saved per tonne of glass melted.

PAPER AND CARD – recycled into new paper and card.

PLASTIC/PET BOTTLES – are recycled back into new plastic bottles at Closed Loop Plastics in Dagenham.

GENERAL WASTE is transported to a combustion plant where it is turned into energy, cutting out the negative effects of sending it to landfill sites.

COOKING OIL is all recycled into biodiesel.